How You Can Fix COD Black Ops Zombies Freezing Problem Easily?

Call of Duty Black Ops has been a bestselling game in between the year of 2010 – 2011. The Zombie game mode is available for both single player game play and co-op modes.

There is a high tendency that the screen of the COD Black Ops Zombies will freeze when you are playing the game halfway. Here, we discuss the possible reasons why the screen of the COD Black Ops Zombies is freezing up and what you can do to prevent it.


Reasons for Call of Duty Black Ops Freezes

  1. Setting Steam in Online Mode
  2. Windows Fragmented Registry
  3. Windows CPU Usage Reach 100%
  4. Setting the Game in High Priority
  5. Unneeded Junk Entries in Your Game Registry
  6. Settings of the Game Need to be Edited

Setting Steam in Online Mode

Steam is a platform that Valve Corporation developed. Steam works as a communications and multiplayer platform. The platform allows you to conveniently distribute a game and manage the digital rights. Steam offers various types of advantages including community forum, automatic updates, voice and chat features.

It is common for COD Black Ops Zombies to freeze if you have set steam in online mode. You can rectify the problem disconnecting the internet and restarting the game all over again.

Windows Fragmented Registry

Having a fragmented Windows registry can affect the performance of your game. The majority of the games, software and OS rely on the Window registry to store and retrieve data. If your Windows registry is fragmented, it will reduce this process and cause the screen of your COD Black Ops game to freeze.

To fix this problem, you must quit the game and use an efficient Windows registry cleaner to run defragmentation on your Windows registry.

Windows CPU Usage Reach 100%

Often, Steam can cause your CPU usage to reach 100%. When you reach 100% CPU usage, you will encounter COD Black Ops Zombie freezing problem. For this reason, it is advised that you shut down Steam during game play. You can restart Steam again after you have finished playing the game.

  1. Quit the game.
  2. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  3. If you are using Windows 7/Vista, you should choose the Start Task Manager option.
  4. Select the Processes tab.
  5. Look for steam.exe and right click it with your mouse.
  6. Click on the End Process button and confirm it when the pop up prompt appears.
  7. Quit Task Manager. You can launch the game now.

Setting the Game in High Priority

There are many programs that are running in the background of your system. A program that is set in high priority will take up most of the CPU usage compared to a program that is set in low priority.

There is a high chance that the COD Black Ops Zombies will freeze when there are lots of other processes running in the background. In this case, you will have to set the game in high priority so that it won’t cause your screen to get stuck.

  1. Exit the game.
  2. Bring up the Task Manager by using the Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut.
  3. Windows 7/Vista user can start the Task Manager by right clicking the taskbar and selecting Start Task Manager.
  4. Go to the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager.
  5. Search for the blackopsmp.exe and right click on it.
  6. When the right click menu appear, select Priority | High.
  7. You can relaunch the game after closing Task Manager.

Unneeded Junk Entries in Your Game Registry

Junk entries are entries that your registry does not need so you need to get rid of them. Junk entries are obsolete entries that have accumulated in the Windows registry over time. The COD Black Ops Zombies will freeze when there is a large accumulation of junk entries in the Windows registry.

  1. Shut down the game temporarily.
  2. Download an efficient Windows registry cleaner.
  3. Launch the Windows registry cleaner to perform a scan on your registry and clean up all the junk entries.
  4. Launch the game again.

Settings of the Game Need to be Edited

You can fix this issue by making the following configurations in the game.

  1. Quick the game.
  2. Launch My Computer
  3. Navigate to the directory that contains Call of Duty Black Ops game.
  4. Open the folder named Players.
  5. Search for the Config.cfg file and double click on it.
  6. Look for the command seta r_fullscreen “1”.
  7. Type 0 in place of the 1.
  8. Press Ctrl + S to save the file.
  9. Launch the game again.

COD Black Ops Prestige Edition is Worth the Value of Your Money

The game that everyone is waiting for is available in 2 editions including COD Black Ops Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition. Black Ops is a bestselling game that manage to reach $650 millions of sales in the first 5 days of its debut. This is not a new record as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 previously achieved the bestselling record when it was debuted in the latter part of 2009.
The primary character in the game is Alex Mason. Players will play through the entire career of Mason including soldier, spy and assassin. It will keep the players engaged for 7 – 9 hours in order to complete various types of missions. Most people like to play the game in multiplayer mode. The game developer, Treyor add a wager mode in the game. The wager mode enables players can make configurations on the characters when they are in the standard mode such as Deathmatch, Domination, and Headquarters.

The COD Black Ops Prestige Edition features a remote control car called RC-XD that can be used to kill your enemies. RC-XD is fitted with a surveillance camera and microphone that allows you to observe the people and surrounding. The remote control car is made from high quality plastic that is durable and lightweight. There is a screen on the remote control where you can see the photos captured by the surveillance camera on the RC-XD car. You can choose from 2 types of speed options including medium and high. When in high speed mode, the remote control car can move very fast so it is not suitable to be used in small spaces. When in medium speed mode, you can easily maneuver the car around without any problem.
The COD Black Ops Prestige Edition also include the hardened edition that provide four additional co-ops maps, limited edition medals and avatar outfits. Treyarch has also released a Black Ops Glasses to protect gamers’ eyes from getting over strained when playing the game for a long time. Other items Treyarch released are the mouse and headsets. Find more quality posts from black ops 2 hacks website online. Author traytek .